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Autumn Walk 1

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These heavily-textured mixed media paintings on stretched canvas were birthed in the idea of looking down when taking a nature walk and noticing what textures and colours are on the ground at our feet rather than looking up ahead. It is the concept that at times we should just stop and see where we are right now and what interesting, beautiful things are all around us, but which we often fail to notice because we are too busy looking into the future. I chose autumn for my walk because it is my favourite time of year and I love the colours and textures of that particular season. In amongst the seeds, fallen blossoms, leaves and twigs on my walk I noticed pebbles, lichen, scraps of fabric and even shiny wrappers dropped by previous ramblers. Autumn is the time when nature is shedding the old and preparing for a time of rest. But it is an important time because, after the cold and dark of winter, new life will spring forth from the riches left behind in autumn.

Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 4 cm